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But first, some information about ejcjs. The electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies is an academic journal in the social sciences that is dedicated to publishing research and scholarly writing on all issues related to contemporary Japan. The journal adopts a multi-disciplinary stance in the hope that it will contribute to a deeper and broader understanding of Japan and Japanese people and that it will, consequently, enrich our understanding of the totality of human experience.

ejcjs is committed to working towards sustainable living. Our editorial policy is to offer access free of charge and only over the internet. ejcjs operates an unusual publishing model in that, in addition to there being no charge for access, we do not charge administrative fees to our contributors. Our journal is financed purely on the basis of the goodwill provided by our readers, contributors, and editorial board, and any other benefits that we can gain by internet publishing.

Here's how you can contribute

Publish your work

The most important thing that you could do would be to contribute an article, discussion paper, review, or other piece of writing for us to publish. The more high quality research and writing that we publish, the more that we can work towards fulfilling our primary objectives. Please click here to read our information for contributors. Or, if you are unsure about whether your contribution may be suited to our publication, please e-mail the general editor with details of your proposed contribution to ask for advice.

Tell a colleague

Another important way of helping us while helping others could be by spreading knowledge of our existence. ejcjs is a small publication and we do not have any financial resources for marketing and advertising. If you have any colleagues, students, and friends that may benefit from knowing about us, either by reading our pages or by publishing on our site, then please suggest that they log on and take a look at our pages.

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You can click through on the commercial icons placed on our site. ejcjs works in association with the search engine Google and with the internet shopping website Amazon. Any revenue gained from this will be used to help defray the financial costs of running ejcjs and keeping it free to access and use for producers and users of academic research. None of the following suggestions will result in any direct financial contribution from yourself.

Make ejcjs your home page

If you use Google and Amazon frequently, and you have a keen interest in the subjects that our journal covers. Why not make the ejcjs cover page your home page? That way you can access the information and goods that you need with the minimum of trouble to yourself and help to keep our journal going at the same time.

Join our editorial team

We are always keen to attract colleagues into participating in internet publishing. We need volunteers to help edit our pages, provide editorial advice, and to review articles for publication. We especially encourage young or so-called 'emerging' academics to help in developing our journal. In this way we hope that this might serve to advance our colleagues' careers as well as contribute to the long term health of our subject and of scholarly publishing over the internet. The job does not require a big commitment, but neither is it an honorary role, so we ask that anyone wishing to be considered for a position on our board first submit at least a discussion paper as a signal of their commitment. So, if you work in academia and have a deep interest in Japan and Japanese life, then please consider joining our editorial board. If you would like to discuss this further, then please e-mail the general editor with your ideas.

Sponsor ejcjs

ejcjs is now accepting sponsorship. Our journal receives more than 500 separate visitors per day and, over the five years that we have been publishing, ejcjs has received visitors from more than 200 different countries. We do not believe that there is any academic journal in the field of Japanese studies that has a similar quality and quantity of reach. So, if your organisation is looking to reach more people in more places, then please think about how you might be able to help us by us helping you. If you are interested then please get in touch with the general editor by e-mail for more information.

We hope that our publishing policies are commensurate with your values and, as a consequence you will feel able to help. Thank you for visiting ejcjs and for taking the trouble to learn how you might help us work towards achieving our aims. We hope your visit has been worthwhile and we hope you will come back again soon.

Dr Peter Matanle
General Editor