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Book Reviews in 2020

4. Traveling Across Time and Culture
Patrick Foss
Posted: 14 December 2020

3. Tragic Remembrance, Global Sorrow
Christopher Hood
Posted: 14 August 2020
2. Dangerous Memory in Nagasaki
Alexander Brown
Posted: 14 August 2020

1. The Unfinished Atomic Bomb
Gwyn McClelland
Posted: 14 April 2020

Book Reviews in 2019

2. Another Great Wave? Ecocriticism in Japan
Noel Gough
Posted: 24 December 2019
1. Yutori, Danshari, Mottainai and the War on Waste in Postwar Japan
Annette Gough
Posted: 10 September 2019

Book Reviews in 2018

5. Intoxicants, Stimulants and Pseudoscience: A History of Modern Japanese Alcohol and Drug Culture
Simon Paxton
Posted: 16 December 2018
4. Review of Lamarre, Thomas, The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation, and Game Media
Simon Gough
Posted: 16 December 2018
3. Abe’s Doctrine: Less Pacifist? More Proactive?
H. D. P. Envall
Posted: 16 December 2018
2. Interrogating Forms of Dissidence: An Approach to Physical and Mental Escapes from Japan
Marcos P. Centeno Martin
Posted: 16 December 2018
1. Moving Lines, Moving Conclusions
Timothy Iles
Posted: 8 Setember 2018

Book Reviews in 2017

3. Book review: Is Japan Still Looking for Leadership?
H. D. P. Envall
Posted: 24 December 2017
2. Book review: Sexuality Under Japanese Imperialism
Rika Tsuji
Posted: 24 December 2017
1. Book review: Murakami, Haruki, Kishidancho Goroshi (Killing Commendatore)
Tets Kimura
Posted: 27 August 2017

Book Reviews in 2016

5. Bodies of Evidence, Bodies of Struggle. A Review of: Broinowski, Adam (2016), Cultural Responses to Occupation in Japan: The Performing Body During and After The Cold War
Timothy Iles
Posted: 23 December 2016
4. An Affective Reading of Precarious Japan
Michelle H. S. Ho
Posted: 28 August 2016
3. Paul Roquet. Ambient Media: Japanese Atmospheres of Self
Victoria Philibert
Posted: 28 August 2016
2. Umemoto Seiichi, Chihōshi ha chiiki wo tsukuru: Jūmin no tameno jyanarizumu
Anthony S. Rausch
Posted: 28 August 2016
1. Media, Propaganda and Politics in 20th Century Japan
Anthony S. Rausch
Posted: 28 August 2016

Book Reviews in 2015

3. The ‘Security Consensus’ and the US Military in Japan and Asia
Kerri Ng
Posted: 13 December 2015
2. Japan’s ASEAN Diplomacy: Beyond the ‘Reactive State’?
H. D. P. Envall
Posted: 13 December 2015
1. The Hazards and Promise of Remembering: Commemorating and Memorialising the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Daniel Clausen
Posted: 19 April 2015

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Book Reviews in 2014

5. The Soul of Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Japan's Media Success Story
Nami Chiba
Posted: 23 December 2014
4. Japan's Local Newspapers: Chihōshi and Revitalization Journalism
Melek Ortabashi
Posted: 23 December 2014
3. A Curious Madness: The Political and Spiritual Struggles of an Imperial Intellect
Avery Morrow
Posted: 23 December 2014
2. Romance and Language Learning: An Ethnographic Study of Female Japanese Students of English in Australia
Lachlan Jackson
Posted: 23 December 2014
1. The Role of English in Contemporary Japan: Insightful Studies in Different Contexts
Patricia Savon Meras
Posted: 23 December 2014

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Book Reviews in 2013

6. Reflections on Governance and Democracy in Asia and Japan
H. D. P. Envall
Posted: 15 December 2013
5. The Political Science of Basing in Japan
Kerry Ng
Posted: 15 December 2013
4. In Search of Japan’s Hidden Christians: A Story of Suppression, Secrecy and Survival
Rie Kido Askew
Posted: 15 December 2013
3. Understanding Japan’s inequality amid affluence
Ross Mouer
Posted: 15 December 2013
2. Feminism and the Nation-State in Japan
Vera Mackie
Posted: 15 December 2013
1. Migration and Integration: Japan in Comparative Perspective
Kumiko Kawashima
Posted: 15 December 2013

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Book Reviews in 2012

2. Dejima: reconstructed, re-imagined
Margerison, Jill
Review of: Mitchell, David (2010) , London: Sceptre, Paperback B-format ISBN 978-0-340-92158-6, 560 pages.
Posted: 26 October 2012
1. Managing in the Modern Corporation
Matanle, Peter
Review of: Hassard, J., McCann, L., and Morris, J. (2009) Managing in the Modern Corporation: The Intensification of Managerial Work in the USA, UK and Japan, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Posted: 1 May 2012

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Book Reviews in 2011

7. Japan in Transformation, 1945-2010
Matanle, Peter
Review of: Kingston, J. (2011) Japan in Transformation 1945-2010, (2nd Edition), Harlow, UK: Longman.
Posted: 30 September 2011

6. Social Class in Contemporary Japan
Matanle, Peter
Review of: Ishida, H. and Slater, D. H. (Eds.) (2010) Social Class in Contemporary Japan: Structures, Sorting and Strategies, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
Posted: 30 September 2011

5. Better to Remain Silent? Japan and the G7/8, 1975-2002
Morris, Narrelle
Review of: Dobson, Hugo (2004) Japan and the G7/8, 1975-2002, London and New York: RoutledgeCurzon.
Posted: 30 September 2011

4. Modern Monetary Policy in Theory and Practice: Central Banking and Financial Markets
Heckel, Markus
Review of: Shirakawa Masaaki (2008) Gendai no Kin'yū Seisaku: Riron to Jissai [Modern Monetary Policy in Theory and Practice: Central Banking and Financial Markets], (in Japanese), Tokyo: Nihon Keizai Shinbun Shuppan Sha.
Posted: 31 May 2011

3. Mechanical, Academic, Anime: Mechademia 4 and Mechademia 5
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Lunning, Frenchy, ed., Mechademia 4: War/Time, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009, and Lunning, Frenchy, ed., Mechademia 5: Fanthropologies, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010.
Posted: 31 May 2011

2. Inventing a Japan through Theatre
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Lee, Josephine (2010) The Japan of Pure Invention: Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press.
Posted: 31 January 2011

1. I Spy ... The Failure of Japanese Military Intelligence in World War II
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Kotani, Ken (2009) Japanese Intelligence in World War II, Oxford: Osprey Publishing.
Posted: 31 January 2011

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Book Reviews in 2010

9. Militarisation, Colonisation, Subordination, Resistance
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Shigematsu, Setsu, and Camacho, Keith (eds) (2010) Militarized Currents: Toward a Decolonized Future in Asia and the Pacific.
Posted: 30 September 2010

8. Private Realms of the State: Female Subjectivity and the Japanese Home in the USA
Matsumoto, Noriko
Review of: Kurotani, Sawa (2005) Home Away from Home: Japanese Corporate Wives in the United States.
Posted: 30 September 2010

7. Dazai on the Couch
Withrow, Kaleb
Review of: Nakano, Hisao (2009) Dazai Osamu: Shōgai to sakuhin no shinsō shinri (Osamu Dazai: The deep psychology of his life and works).
Posted: 30 September 2010

6. A Biography of Self-Loss: The Life and Works of Atsushi Nakajima
Askew, Rie Kido
Review of: Minato Kawamura (2009) Rōshitsu seiden - Nakajima Atsushi no bungaku to shōgai (A Biography of Self-Loss: The Life and Works of Atsushi Nakajima).
Posted: 12 July 2010

5. Japanese Workplaces in Transition?
Matanle, Peter
Review of: Meyer-Ohle, Hendrik (2009) Japanese Workplaces in Transition: Employee Perceptions.
Posted: 20 April 2010

4. Think Global, Fear Local
Gelb, Joyce
Review of: Leheny, David (2009) Think Global, Fear Local: Sex Violence and Anxiety in Contemporary Japan.
Posted: 20 April 2010

3. Fear on Film: Japanese Horror Cinema
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Balmain, Colette (2008) Introduction to Japanese Horror Film.
Posted: 10 March 2010

2. Japan's Grand Strategy: Goldilocks and the Search for the Perfect Porridge
Envall, H.D.P.
Review of: Samuels, Richard J. (2007) Securing Japan: Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia.
Posted: 29 January 2010

1. Japan Yesterday and Today
Leimbigler, Sheri Zhang
Review of: Harrison, Trevor W. (2008) 21st Century Japan: A New Sun Rising.
Posted: 29 January 2010

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Book Reviews in 2009

6. Arthur Waley: Translator of the Tale of Genji
Askew, Rie Kido
Review of: Sukehiro Hirakawa (2008) Āsā Weirī - Genji monogatari no hon'yakusha (Arthur Waley: The Translator of The Tale of Genji).
Posted: 30 November 2009

5. Connected by Characters: Animating the Postmodern Community
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Azuma, Hiroki (2009) Otaku: Japan's Database Animals.
Posted: 31 October 2009

4. Modernity's Female Face
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Russell, Catherine (2008) The Cinema of Naruse Mikio: Women and Japanese Modernity.
Posted: 20 September 2009

3. How Japan's Research and Development Went Global
Matsumoto, Noriko
Review of: Gregory P. Corning (2004) Japan and the Politics of Techno-Globalism.
Posted: 20 September 2009

2. Japan and Russia: Three Centuries of Mutual Images
Bukh, Alexander
Review of: Mikhailova Yulia and M. William, W. Steele eds. (2008)Japan and Russia: Three Centuries of Mutual Images.
Posted: 15 April 2009

1. Keeping Things Well at Hand
Iles, Tim
Review of: Jacoby, Alexander (2008), A Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors.
Posted: 15 April 2009

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Book Reviews in 2008

9. American Japan - Japanese America
Zaborowski, Rafal
Review of: Kelts, Roland (2006) Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S..
Posted: 22 December 2008

8. Picking at the Wound: Nanjing 1937-38
Leibold, James
Review of: Li, Fei Fei, Robert Sabella and David Liu (eds) (2002) Nanking 1937: Memory and Healing, andWakabayashi, Bob Tadashi (ed) (2007) The Nanking Atrocity 1937-38: Complicating the Picture.
Posted: 15 November 2008

7. Real Zen Buddhism: Finding Life Between Disembodied Ideas and Funeral Practices
Anton Sevilla
Review of: Borup, Jørn, (2008) Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism: Myōshinji, A Living Religion.
Posted: 28 October 2008

6. The Accidental Pioneer: John Manjiro in Japan and the United States
Ikeda, Yoko
Review of: Kawada, Shoryo (2003) Drifting Toward the Southeast: The Story of Five Japanese Castaways: A Complete Translation of Hyoson Kiryaku(A Brief Account of Drifting Toward the Southeast), as Told to the Court of Lord Yamauchi of Tosa in 1852 by John Manjiro.
Posted: 15 August 2008

5. Building Better Architecture in Japan
Coaldrake, William H.
Review of: Buntrock, Dana (2001) Japanese Architecture as a Collaborative Process: Opportunities in a Flexible Construction Culture.
Posted: 28 April 2008

4. Context Over All: Reading Content in a Circle
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Phillips, Alastair and Stringer, Julian, eds. (2007) Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts.
Posted: 28 April 2008

3. Yoseba: Homelessness and Day Labor Among Japan's Underclass
Gelb, Joyce
Review of: Aoki, Hideo (2006) Japan's Underclass: Day Laborers and the Homeless.
Posted: 4 March 2008

2. Youth Deviance and Adult Control
Okano, Kaori
Review of: Yoder, Robert Stuart (2004) Youth Deviance in Japan: Class Reproduction of Non-conformity.
Posted: 15 February 2008

1. No Trace of Influence? Japan's North Korea Policy and the Great Powers
Envall, H.D.P.
Review of: Hagström, Linus and Marie Söderberg (eds) (2006) North Korea Policy: Japan and the Great Powers.
Posted: 14 January 2008

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Book Reviews in 2007

7. Representations of Reality in Haruki Murakami's Fiction
Nakanishi, Wendy Jones
Review of: Seats. Michael (2006) Murakami Haruki: The Simulacrum in Contemporary Japanese Culture.
Posted: 24 October 2007

6. Thinking About Younger People's Employment in 21st Century Japan
Ishiguro, Kuniko
Review of: Jō, Shigeyuki (2006) Wakamono wa Naze 3nen de Kaisha wo Yamerunoka? NenkōJoretsu ga Ubau Nihon no Mirai [Why do young people quit after three years? The seniority-based personnel management system deprives Japan of its future],
and Honda, Yuki, Asao, Naitō and Gotō, Kazutomo (2006) 'Nīto' 'tte Iuna! [Don't call them NEETs!].
Posted: 9 October 2007

5. Lovers and Losers of Different Colours
Wright, Wendy Ella
Review of: Molasky, Michael S. (2001) The American Occupation of Japan and Okinawa: Literature and Memory.
Posted: 9 October 2007

4. Maladies and Remedies
Ferber, Katalin
Review of: Ito, Takatoshi, Hugh Patrick and David E. Weinstein (eds) (2005) Reviving Japan's Economy: Problems and Prescriptions.
Posted: 24 July 2007

3. Field of Spears: The Last Mission of the Jordan Crew
Seaton, Philip
Review of: Hadley, Gregory (2007) Field of Spears: The Last Mission of the Jordan Crew.
Posted: 14 June 2007

2. The Problem of Context: The Context of Problems
Iles, Timothy
Review of: McDonald, Keiko I. (2006) Reading a Japanese Film: Cinema in Context.
Posted: 31 January 2007

1. The Political Economy of the Japanese Financial Big Bang: Institutional Change in Finance and Public Policy Making
Kamikubo, Masato
Review of: Toya, Tetsuro (2003), Kinyū Biggu Ban no Seiji Keizai Gaku: Kinyū to Kōkyō Seisaku Sakutei ni okeru Seido Henka [The Political Economy of the Japanese Financial Big Bang: Institutional Change in Finance and Public Policy Making].
Posted: 31 January 2007

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Book Reviews in 2006

5. Contesting the Japanese Constitution
Review of: Hook, Glenn D. and Gavan McCormack (2001), Japan's Contested Constitution: Documents and Analysis.
Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 7 December 2006

4. 'Toppamono' Miyazaki Manabu: Adding Colour to Understanding Japan
Review of: Miyazaki, Manabu (2005) Toppamono: Outlaw, Radical, Suspect - My Life in Japan's Underworld.
Hood, Christopher P.
Posted: 11 May 2006

3. Travels in Japanese Politics, Old and New
Review of: Hayes, Louis D. (2005), Introduction to Japanese Politics, Fourth Edition,
McCormack, Gavan (2001), The Emptiness of Japanese Affluence, Revised Edition, with a foreword by Norma Field,
and Bowen, Roger W. (2003), Japan's Dysfunctional Democracy: The Liberal Democratic Party and Structural Corruption.
Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 27 March 2006

2. Japanese Higher Education in Transition? Observing the Dynamics of Reform
Review of: Eades, J.S., Goodman, Roger and Hada, Yumiko (eds) (2005) The 'Big Bang' in Japanese Higher Education Reform: The 2004 Reforms and the Dynamics of Change,
and Lee-Cunin, Marina (2004) Student Views in Japan: A Study of Japanese Students' Perceptions of Their First Years at University.
Matanle, Peter
Posted: 2 February 2006

1. The World of Savings
Review of: Scher, Mark J. and Naoyuki Yoshino (eds) (2004), Small Savings Mobilization and Asian Economic Development: The Role of the Postal Financial Services.
Ferber, Katalin
Posted: 10 January 2006

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Book Reviews in 2005

5. Rediscovering Benshi: Narration in the Japanese Silent Film Era
Review of: Dym, Geoffrey A. (2003) Benshi, Japanese Silent Film Narrators, and their Forgotten Narrative Art of Setsumei: A History of Japanese Silent Film Narration.
Shimoda, Tomoko
Posted: 9 November 2005

4. Japan at the Millenium: Changes and Constants in Culture and Society
Review of: Edgington, David (2003) Japan at the Millenium: Joining Past and Future.
Bassani, Cherylynn
Posted: 31 October 2005

3. Fragile Memories
Review of: Nornes, Abé Mark (2001), Japanese Documentary Film: The Meiji Era through Hiroshima.
Iles, Timothy
Posted: 19 May 2005

2. Amakudari
Review of: Richard A. Colignon and Chikako Usui (2003) Amakudari: The Hidden Fabric of Japan's Economy.
Cardwell, Paul James
Posted: 22 April 2005

1. Making 'Citizens' into Political Subjects
Review of: Sasaki-Uemura, W. M. (2001), Organizing the Spontaneous: Citizen Protest in Postwar Japan.
Tanji, Miyume
Posted: 6 April 2005

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Book Reviews in 2004

6. Context Dependent Success: International Human Resource Management in Japanese Firms
Review of: Keeley, Timothy Dean (2001) International Human Resource Managament in Japanese Firms: Their Greatest Challenge.
Ishiguro, Kuniko
Posted: 15 September 2004

5. Japanese Negotiating Style: More Than an Interested Bridge Partner
Hugo Dobson
Review of: Michael Blaker, Paul Giarra and Ezra Vogel (2002) Case Studies in Japanese Negotiating Behavior.
Posted: 5 May 2004

4. Inside the World of Japanese TV
Review of: Penn, Wm. (2003) The Couch Potato's Guide to Japan: Inside the World of Japanese TV.
McAuley, T. E.
Posted: 18 February 2004

3. The Sins of the Princes
Review of: Werner, Richard A. (2003), Princes of the Yen: Japan's Central Bankers and the Transformation of the Economy.
Ferber, Katalin
Posted: 16 February 2004

2. More than Just a Few Teaching Notes About Japan
Review of: Bowring, Richard and Noel J. Pinnington (eds) (2002), Teaching about Japan in Japan: A Handbook of Approaches to Teaching about Japan to non-Japanese Students.
Kolesova, Elena
Posted: 16 February 2004

1. Youth Policies and Youth Problems in Germany and Japan: Culture Specific Approaches to Social Integration
Review of: Kreitz-Sandberg, Susanne (ed.) (2002), Jugendliche in Japan und Deutschland. Soziale Integration im Vergleich [Youth in Japan and Germany: Social Integration in Comparison].
Oebel, Guido
Posted: 6 February 2004

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Book Reviews in 2003

6. The Perennial Question: Is Japan Changing?
Review of: Schaede, Ulrike and William Grimes (eds) (2003) Japan's Managed Globalization: Adapting to the Twenty-first Century.
Hugo Dobson
Posted: 2 October 2003

5. Coping with Cultural Change: Japanese Emigrants to Australia
Review of: Sato, Machiko (2001) Farewell to Nippon.
Margerison, Jill Arase
Posted: 10 July 2003

4. Japan's Use of Economic Power: Balancing Between East Asia and the West
Review of: Wan, Ming (2001) Japan Between Asia and the West: Economic Power and Strategic Balance.
Nasstrom, Jens
Posted: 2 July 2003

3. Explaining Japan's International Relations: The Quiet Diplomacy of an Aikidō State
Review of: Hook, Glenn D., Julie Gilson, Christopher Hughes and Hugo Dobson (2001) Japan's International Relations: Politics, Economics and Security.
Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 14 April 2003

2. The US-Japan Alliance and the Causes of Insecurity in North-East Asia
Review of: DiFilippo, Anthony (2002) The Challenges of the U.S.-Japan Military Arrangement: Competing Security Transitions in a Changing International Environment.
Matthews, Aaron
Posted: 17 February 2003

1. Citizen Activism in Japan: Toppling Preconceptions
Review of: Hirata, Keiko (2002) Civil Society in Japan.
Margerison, Jill Arase
Posted: 17 February 2003

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Book Reviews in 2002

8. Surveying Kabuki: Classic Essays in English Language Scholarship
Review of: Leiter, Samuel L. (ed.) (2001) A Kabuki Reader: History and Performance.
Coaldrake, Kimi
Posted: 5 October 2002

7. Sōkaiya and Japanese Corporations
Review of: Szymkowiak, Kenneth (2002) Sokaiya: Extortion, Protection, and the Japanese Corporation.
Maruko, Eiko
Posted: 25 June 2002

6. Change in Japan's New Economy: Who Will Benefit?
Review of: Blomstrom, Magnus, Byron Gangnes, and Sumner La Croix (eds.) (2001) Japan's New Economy: Continuity and Change in the Twenty-First Century.
Ferber, Katalin
Posted: 25 June 2002

5. The Search for Remedies: Japan in the Years of Trial
Review of: Masuzoe, Yoichi (ed.) (2000) Years of Trial, Japan in the 1990s.
Yamazaki, Yukiko
Posted: 25 March 2002

4. Understanding Japan-US Relations in a Time of Unilateralism
Review of: Curtis, Gerald (ed.) (2000) New Perspectives on U.S.-Japan Relations.
Midford, Paul
Posted: 22 March 2002

3. Japan's New Challenge: Becoming a Multi-Ethnic Society?
Review of: Komai, Hiroshi (2001) Foreign Migrants in Contemporary Japan.
Abe, Atsuko
Posted: 10 February 2002

2. Unpacking the Japanese Educational Reform Debate
Review of: Christopher P. Hood (2001) Japanese Education Reform: Nakasone's Legacy.
Burnett, Bruce
Posted: 10 February 2002

1. Melting Pot or Homogeneity? An Examination of Modern Theories of the Japanese Ethnicity
Review of: Oguma Eiji (2002) The Genealogy of 'Japanese' Self-Images.
Askew, David
Posted: 31 January 2002

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Book Reviews in 2001

2. The Japan-US Alliance: 21st Century Challenges in East Asia
Review of: Nishihara, Masashi (ed.) (2000), The Japan-US Alliance: New Challenges for the 21st Century.
Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 10 October 2001

1. Being in and of the World: Globalisation and Social Change in Contemporary Japan
Review of: Clammer, John (2001), Japan and its Others: Globalization, Difference and the Critique of Modernity, and Eades J. S., Gill, Tom and Befu, Harumi (eds.) (2000), Globalization and Social Change in Contemporary Japan.
Matanle, Peter
Posted: 10 July 2001

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